KiteAid Sail Tape Repair Kit

KiteAid Sail Repair Tape Kit
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Utilizing a unique KITEAID developed repair technology which gets rid of everything sticky, this product is the easiest repair product on the market to use. The Sail Repair product uses an advanced heat activated application which allows you to position and reposition the repair without committing. Once the positioning is perfect you simply iron the repair patch on. This product is ideal for repairing complicated multidimensional tears which are hard to align. Once heated the repair is permanent within seconds.

3 x 60 inch Sail Repair patch, Heat shields, Abrasive pads, Alcohol swabs, Instructions, Sticker and Waterproof travel case

Sail Repair Instructions:
Before you begin: Remove the bladder if it is in the damaged area. Tie a kite line to its end before
pulling it out so you can pull it back into the kite!
Caution: Iron will melt bladder if not removed prior to applying heat
1. To fix a tear in the canopy, lay the kite sail on a flat hard surface that can withstand high heat with the
kite's back side facing down (the side of the kite that faces the sky when in the air).
2. Sand the damaged area with the supplied sandpaper. Be sure to sand an area 3 inches wide and 1 ½
inches longer than the tear. Use an alcohol swab to clean the kite fabric around damaged area. If the
tear is long, hold the torn area in place with a heavy book. If the tear is in a strut, clean the inside and
not the outside since you will be patching the inside of the strut.
3. Lay the Kiteaid Sail Repair patch along the tear. Cut the patch two inches longer than the tear and
round corners with scissors. Set iron to low heat (Nylon) and allow it to warm up for 3 minutes.
4. If damage is in a strut, skip to step 4b.
If the tear is long, use the tip of the iron to tack the patch in place. Place the heat shield over the
4 b.When repairing a tear in a strut, place the heat shield along the tear inside the strut. Place the patch in
the strut between the heat shield and tear, make sure the adhesive side is facing the tear.
5. Iron while applying as much pressure as possible. Try not to move the iron while doing this step.
6. Be sure to iron everywhere on the patch for at least 15 seconds. Remove heat shield.
7. Let patch cool for 2 minutes and go fly!

Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 12,00 × 4,00 × 4,00 cm
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