CHURCHILL Bodyboard and Swimfins of the extra...


CHURCHILL Bodyboard and Swimfins of the extra class.

Churchill® has been around since 1940 and their swimfins are the best on the market. For bodyboarding, there are no better bodyboard fins to buy in the world and they are by far the best selling fins on the market. In 1940, a man named Owen Churchill designed and patented the Churchill® Swimfins. He had improved them over the earlier versions made by louis de corlieu in 1935. due to the low popularity of scuba diving in America, he only sold less than a thousand pairs in the first year.

Churchill® swim fins became one of the best-selling swim fins in the world when the sport of bodyboarding was introduced in 1971. the swim fins became a favourite among surfers, from professionals to beginners, because of the thrust and power that came from the fins. Over several decades, the fins did not change from their original shape, but many colours were introduced, including the iconic blue and yellow colour scheme. Popularised by several world championships, Churchill® then trademarked its world-famous colours in 1994, as well as the popular black and yellow colour scheme.

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