SUP Leashes

Safety is a top priority when stand-up paddling, and a SUP leash is an essential accessory to keep your board connected to you and always close at hand in case of a fall or loss. In our surf shop, we offer a wide range of high-quality SUP leashes for different applications.

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SUP Leashes


The history of SUP Leashes is closely tied to the evolution of Stand Up Paddleboarding itself. Originally developed to ensure that paddlers wouldn't lose their boards and could easily reconnect in case of a fall, leash technology has evolved to meet various conditions and demands.

Key Facts:

SUP Leashes are elastic cords that tether the paddler to the board, preventing loss. They come in different lengths and thicknesses based on preferred conditions and paddleboarding type. Modern leashes use durable materials like urethane and often feature comfortable ankle padding.


 Safety: Prevents board drift and facilitates re-entry after a fall. Comfort: Reduces strain during paddling as the board remains within reach. Control: Helps keep the board close and ensures a secure paddling experience.

Differences in SUP Leashes:

 Length: Short leashes are suitable for flat water and racing, while longer leashes are preferred for surfing and offshore conditions. Material: Urethane is most common due to its durability and stretch resistance, while some leashes are made from polyurethane for added comfort and lightness.


High-quality urethane for durability and stretch resistance. Polyurethane for lightweight and additional comfort.

Buying Considerations for SUP Leashes:

 Demands: Based on paddling experience and preferred conditions. Material: Consider quality and durability. Attachment: Choose suitable fastening for your requirements. Quality: Opt for high-quality materials and construction for long-term use.


 Choosing the right SUP Leash is crucial for safety and enjoyment in Stand Up Paddleboarding. With the correct length, material, and attachment, paddlers can safely and confidently enjoy their paddling adventures.

Whether you're surfing the waves or paddling, a SUP leash is a must-have. It ensures that you are always connected to your board and that it does not drift away unintentionally. This is especially important in situations where you fall into the water or find yourself in stronger currents or winds.

Our SUP leashes are specially designed to provide a safe and reliable connection between you and your board. They are made from durable materials that can withstand the stresses and provide high tensile strength. Our leashes are available in different lengths so you can choose the right leash for your board and your needs.

Safety is our number one priority and we only offer high quality SUP leashes from reputable manufacturers. Our leashes are designed with comfortable and secure attachments for your ankle or calf, making them comfortable to wear while paddling.

Our experienced team is available to advise you on the right SUP leash for your needs. We will help you find the right leash for your board and your individual needs.

Buy your SUP leash now in our surf shop and ensure maximum safety and control while stand-up paddling!

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