You will find a large selection of FCS fins...


You will find a large selection of FCS fins in our surf shop.

FCS fins are one of the two most popular surf fin systems on the planet. The development of fins and systems is constantly increasing and FCS develops surf fins with the best surfers on this planet and brings them to a new level.
FCS now also offers surf accessories such as surf leashes, board covers such as board bags (travel bags & day bags) and board socks. Tailpads are of course also a must and we are looking forward to seeing what's next. FCS has become one of the best-known surf brands in the world.

Which areas of application and surfboards are FCS fins for?

FCS offers two different systems. The FCS I and FCS II system. Equip your surfboard with a 5 fin set up. With this setup you can decide whether you want to put your surfboard in the water as a thruster or quad fin setup. Single fins are just as essential as the sidebites that often go with them. For your retro shape, there are great twin fins in the FCS range. Equip your surfboard with our FCS fins. Whether shortboard, hybrid shape, fishboard, funboard, minimalibu, longboard or for riversurfing and your riverboard - trust FCS and enjoy your freedom.

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