NeilPryde is the original brand of the Pryde...

Neil Pryde

NeilPryde is the original brand of the Pryde Group and the benchmark for quality and performance. Since the NeilPryde brand was founded 50 years ago, research and development has been the brand's top priority. More than 10% of turnover is invested in "Research and Development" each year to ensure that NeilPryde remains the most innovative and progressive brand in windsurfing. NeilPryde therefore maintains the largest development and testing team in the windsurfing industry in this area. These high quality products are and have been the basis for NeilPryde's undisputed market leadership and countless competitive successes for over 25 years. More than 51 world championship titles, countless national successes and the world speed record of 56.04 knots in windsurfing underline the performance of the products.

The grins on the faces of satisfied customers on all waters of the world prove the accessibility and quality of NeilPryde products that are a household name for every windsurfer. "The wind can tell the difference

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