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Welcome to our category page for directional kiteboards in the surf shop - your contact point for high-quality kiteboards with alignment for maximum performance on the waves! Discover a wide range of directional kiteboards from renowned brands specially designed for surfing the waves. Whether you are an experienced wave rider or an aspiring kitesurfer, our directional boards offer you the ultimate surfing experience.

Discover your Directional Kiteboard in a large selection now:

Dive into the world of wave riding and experience the fascination of kitesurfing with our first-class directional kiteboards. Whether you are looking for the challenge of waves or looking for versatile performance - we have the ideal board for you.

Discover our extensive range of directional kiteboards and enrich your kitesurfing experience. Order today and experience maximum performance on the waves!

Features of our Directional Kiteboards:

  • Wave Optimization: Our directional kiteboards are specially designed for surfing in waves and offer an optimized shape for outstanding wave performance.
  • Light weight: The use of high quality materials allows for light weight, which is crucial for agile maneuvers and lively surfing.
  • Precise control: The sophisticated contour and design ensure precise control in the waves, enable sharp turns and offer maximum maneuverability.
  • Versatility: Our directional kiteboards are not only suitable for wave riding, but are also suitable for freestyle moves and freeride performance.

Advantages of the Directional Kiteboard in the surf shop:

  • Maximum Wave Performance: Experience the ultimate feeling of surfing with a directional kiteboard designed specifically for the needs of wave optimization.
  • Brand diversity: Discover directional kiteboards from leading brands known for quality and innovation in kitesurfing.
  • Expert advice: Our team is on hand with expert advice to ensure you find the perfect directional kiteboard for your riding level.
  • Safe online shopping: Enjoy safe and convenient online shopping with various payment options and fast shipping.

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