REVOLWE - Eco-friendly surf leashes for every...


REVOLWE - Eco-friendly surf leashes for every surfer

REVOLWE offers a wide range of premium quality surf equipment that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. High-quality eco surf leashes are the main business. A cooperation with Kelly Slater's label Slater Designs has given a big push to our idea of sustainability in surfing. We offer competition surf leashes, funboard leashes, minimalibus, hybrid surfboards, fishboards and longboards. Even surf leashes for big wave surfing and all this as environmentally friendly as possible. Leashes for bodyboarding are of course just as important as surf leashes for SUP surfing. Why does Revolwe want to go the most environmentally friendly way in Surfing?

Unfortunately, the ocean is one of the most polluted places on earth. Only ˜5% of plastics are effectively recycled, ˜40% end up in landfills and ˜33% end up in our oceans. That's why we want to create the best eco-friendly most sustainable surf products for water sports enthusiasts and surfers without sacrificing performance.

REVOLWE uses the following materials! What are the benefits of this?

YULEX We reduce CO2 emissions from polymer production by up to ~80% compared to traditional neoprene!

RECYCLED PET BOTTLES We use polyester made from certified post-consumer PET bottles in our products. Every 500 grams of recycled polyester yarn used in our products reduces raw material and energy consumption by 61000 BTUs. This is equivalent to 2 litres of Petrol.

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