Carver Surf Racks since 2003   The surf rack...


Carver Surf Racks since 2003

The surf rack system for bikes, CARVER Surf Racks, has been supplying Carver surfers with over 40,000 products since 2003. Orlando Baker designed and built the first CSR products on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Since then, demand has grown. Orlando is an avid member of the bike industry, constantly innovating and developing new surfboard racks and improvements to our rack systems. Developing new ideas and responding to the needs of the surf community is the most important aspect of development.

Carver is currently working on expanding its offering in snow sports and vehicle racks. Stay tuned! The original surfboard rack system for bikes and mopeds, Carver Surf Racks has served over 40,000 surfers since 2003. Stop driving your car to the beach! You can buy Carver Surfboard Racks in our surf shop. You will also receive free buying advice.

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