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VENON SURFBOARDS - handmade surfboards

Since 2008, Venon Surfboards has been synonymous with making quality handmade surfboards for everyone. In 2014 we are taking Venon Surfboards to a whole new level. The brand has a contemporary new look and we have updated the surfboard models to offer a higher level of functionality and performance. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the new range has been carefully designed with the best materials. With a focus on the hybrid board genre, our versatile board range showcases the latest developments in material construction and offers unrivalled surfing performance.

Venon Surfboards specialises in fun shapes

Venon Surfboards specialises mainly in fun shapes. Fishboards are just as important as single fin surfboards, funboards or minimalibus. The French board manufacturer also offers top-class Lonboards.
FCS Fins or Future Fins are often used. Venon Surfboards complements the Torq surfboard range perfectly and fills the gaps in the surfboard assortment.

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