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Buy your KOALITION surf accessories

Founded in 2013, our Koalition Surf Brand grew and moved out into the world. Where we are today is mainly thanks to you. We use all our experience and power to bring you quality surf accessories and products at the right price. Our coalition soul is and remains French and we are not part of a big group controlled by financiers. We produce different surf accessories with passion and joy. Our only goal is to offer you beautiful surfing products that match our values, lifestyle and passion, while remembering that the price must be right. We offer premium surfboard leashes, surfboard fins and tailpads. Beautifully designed single fins and compatible fin set ups from FCS and Future are also part of our range. Our surf leashes meet the highest quality standards. The 5 ft and 6 ft leashes are specially designed for shortboards and riversurfboards. The 7 ft and 8 ft surf leashes for hybrids, funboards and minimalibus and the 9 ft and 10 ft leashes for longboards and SUP boards. Thank you surfers of the world. Your Koalition Project Team.

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