What makes the SLIDE surf skateboards so...

Slide Surfskateboards

What makes the SLIDE surf skateboards so special?

On the following page you can find out what makes the Slide Surf Skateboards so special. All information about the Slide brand , the history of its development, an overview of all products and much more. You can find more information in our

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History of Slide Skateboards and Brand

Based in Irún, Spain, Sancheski has been manufacturing sporting goods for more than 80 years. The company started with the production of textile and leather goods and then evolved into the production of outdoor equipment such as snow skis and mountain equipment, before converting its facilities and machinery to the production of solid wood skateboards in 1966. In those early pioneering years, the latest techniques from ski manufacturing were applied to skateboard decks, resulting in Sancheski becoming one of the most innovative brands in the skateboard industry.

With decades of experience and technological know-how, Sancheski is proud to release "Slide by Sancheski", a collection of surf skates that brings the free spirit of surfing to the streets. The components are manufactured by Slide's Taiwanese partners and developed and tested in Sancheski's factory in Spain in collaboration with Hot Buttered Surfboards from Australia. The Slide Surf Skate Boards bring you as close as possible to surfing on concrete. Practice turns and trims, skate and surf manoeuvres, either outside on the flats or in a bowl.

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The Slide Surf Skate .3 Truck is fully adjustable so you can adjust the stiffness by simply tightening or loosening the spring nut, making it fun and functional for all skill levels of riders. You'll experience the same feeling as surfing, making Slide a perfect tool to practice and improve your surfing.

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Slide skateboards have been around since the end of the 70s. The development has been constantly expanding since then.

The Slide by Sancheski brand comes from the town of Irun in Spain.

The Slide surf skates are developed in Spain (Irun) and produced in Southeast Asia.