Windsurf Fins

In our windsurf shop we offer a large selection of windsurf fins, as hardly anything influences the riding characteristics of a board as much as the right choice of fin.

There are different box systems used for mounting the fins:

  • Powerbox: The most commonly used system today, suitable for all board groups.
  • US-Box: The older US-Box system is mainly used for wave boards.
  • Tuttle and Deep Tuttle Box: These systems are mainly used on performance-oriented boards, for example Starboard.
  • Trim box (power trim): Used on some Bic and older Fanatic boards.

The correct fin length depends on the rider's weight and the sail size used. The standard fin supplied with the board is usually a good compromise. However, if you are riding different sail sizes on the same board, it is advisable to purchase fins that fit for optimum riding characteristics. A fin that is too big can cause the board to become uncontrollable in the upper wind range and the bow to rise (wheely), for example. A fin that is too small for the size of the sail/body weight can worsen the angler's characteristics and the upwind running.

In our windsurf shop we have a wide range of windsurf fins that are always available. These include freerace fins, freestyle fins, seaweed fins, twinser fins, race fins, wave fins, thruster fins and much more.

To identify the right windsurfing fin box system (tuttle box, deep tuttle box, power box, trim box, US box, etc.), you can use our comprehensive windsurfing fin guide, which provides an overview of the different fin systems.

Visit our windsurf shop and find the perfect fin for your board to take your windsurfing experience to the next level!

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