Single Fin

The single fin, also known as the US box fin, is undoubtedly the most classic fin in surf culture. It is mainly used in longboards and has a rich history in the world of surfing. The single fin differs in shape, colour, size and material composition.

To achieve the best riding experience, it is important to choose the right fin according to your area of use, body weight, board size and desired riding behaviour. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right fin for your longboard.

Most boards come standard with a conventional "plastic fin", which often has a standard template. These fins serve their purpose, but with the right fin, the potential of your longboard can be fully exploited. The right fin can help your board run faster, turn better or be more stable when noseriding.

Visit our surf shop and buy your single fin to get the most out of your longboard. Our selection of high-quality fins gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best riding experience and improve your surfing level.

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