Quad fin

Discover our wide range of quad fins for your surfboard in our surf shop now. The quad fin setup offers an exciting alternative to other fin setups and opens up new possibilities on the water.

The quad fin setup uses the side fins of the thruster to replace the middle fin. This virtually eliminates the drag that the centre fin creates when surfing in trim. With a quad you get a higher speed than with a thruster because the resistance is reduced.

Quads can be considered a further development of the twin fin setup, as they work with two fins on each side of the board. This makes the board less prone to breakaway and allows for tight turns in small spaces. However, quads show some weakness in radical manoeuvres such as snaps, as the resistance of the fins is greater than with a thruster.

The quad setup is particularly well suited for modern fish boards, guns and tow-in boards. It offers stability, speed and good control, especially on small to medium waves.

Visit our surf shop and discover the variety of quad fins in different sizes and shapes. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and help you choose the right quad fin setup for your surfboard and surf style. Buy now and enhance your surfing experience with a quality quad fin setup!

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